Tomasz Ziobro is an electric bass educator based in Cambridge UK. Tomasz spent his early years as a self-taught bass player then began studying formally with private teachers. He eventually earned his Diploma in Bass Guitar Teaching from the University of West London. He is also a member of Registry of Guitar Tutors and offers private lessons and online lessons via Skype.
As a result of Tomasz’s passion for teaching he established a free educational website:

By offering clear, easy to understand instructions and emphasis on the importance of establishing fundamental bass playing skills, Tomasz demystifies the art of creating walking bass lines. After much positive response from students all over the world. Tomasz has broadened the content of walkingbasslessons.comto include topics that go beyond the stylistic origins of jazz and will explore the bass guitars role in other musical genres. (coming soon).

The main characteristics of Tomasz’s teaching methods are a detailed and insightful approach to each lesson along with clear step by step instructions. This is often commented on by his students as they develop from beginner to intermediate and then advanced players.