Lessons in this segment focus on the fundamentals of bass playing. There is a big tendency for players to seek for advanced and complicated topics while they still did not master the basics. It is absolutely crucial for the student to learn the material in the correct order and not to go ahead of oneself. If we do not spend sufficient amount of time on practicing fundamentals then everything else will seem to be extremely difficult to acquire and we are going to feel frustrated and discouraged, loosing the faith in being a good musician.

I hope that you will appreciate the lessons I am presenting here and that you will get a useful pieces of information from each of them although they bring up the subjects you thought you new all about.

Exploring The Root Note

In this lesson I demonstrate how the simple idea of playing just the root notes of the given chords can be effective enough to create a solid and interesting bass lines.

Names of the notes on the Fret Board

In this short lesson I give you some food for thought about how well you know the basics.

Major Scale as a Reference Point for Creating Harmony

In this lesson I pressent a different way to look at he the major scale.

7 Comments on Lessons

  1. Good afternoon, Tomasz.
    Great to see you back in action, again.
    As always thank you for your time that you have committed free of charge to The Bass Community. A true Gentleman and fellow Musician.
    Bob Eberlein.

  2. Hello Sir, I’ve been taking your lesson online on my mobile unit. I am a beginner and started with your beginner courses and enjoyed them very much and learned quite a bit from, but I still feel I need the very very basics I play bass electric guitar, I would like to learn how to read music and play not looking to be a rockstar just want to play thank you sir I appreciate your lessons
    Your student Steve

  3. Awesome lesson, it makes me take a step back and to think about what I have been playing. I love it, yeah glad to see you back in the saddle.

  4. Hello again Tomasz! Another great lesson, and you are so right that simple doesn’t mean bad. The urge to overplay is powerful and hard to resist. And… it is amazingly difficult to play even a simple riff 30 times without making a mistake. This is a basic and terribly important skill. Really appreciate your work. Jim

  5. Hey Tomasz, I totally agree with your reasoning on why learning the note names on the FB is #1 essential…but I expected that during this video you would share some tips about how to go about learning the notes on the FB. However, this did not happen.

    • Hi, There are dozens of lessons on YouTube about how to memorize notes on the fret board. The way you do it does not matter, it all comes to simply memorizing. One way will work for some people and not work so well for the other. I did not want to create another video on “How” but rather make people realize that they do not know it well and that it can be easily done if one will only commit to do so. Cheers TZ

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