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Welcome to Module 4. By now you should be able to play very solid walking lines, spiced up by application of chromaticism. So far, in each bar we have been playing the root of the chord on beat one. In this module we are going to start the measure with chord tones other than the root. By doing so, our lines will get more melodic quality. We are now going to incorporate arpeggios voice leading to our lines.

In this module more than any time before, we are going to make use of the ability of playing arpeggios in all inversions.

In simple words the concept of voice leading in walking bass line occurs when the chord tone played on beat four leads to the nearest chord tone of the next chord. In this way, we give our line very solid, melodic and smooth character. By changing the contour of our line, in other words changing the direction of our line, we are going to approach different chord tones when navigating over chord changes.

This concept may seem to look difficult at first, but if you take your time and patiently practice it on a daily basis, then it will become your second nature. If this is something completely new to you, then is very important that you practice without the metronome and only after you feel comfortable with it, start to play in time.

The PDF file clearly illustrates discussed topic.



23 Comments on Module 4 – Arpeggios (Voice Leading)

  1. I am sure everyone that has pertained to your internet site has appreciated it as much as me, keep up th excellent interesting work.

  2. Wonderful material. Very informative and easy to understand. A very welcome change from other instructional sites. I’m having difficulty though opening the PDFs of the lessons due to the .rar extension. How do I work around this? Thanks again

  3. Tomasz,

    Are you still supporting this site? I find it very helpful, one of the most comprehensive around, but without the materials that go with the videos it is very difficult for beginners like me to improve or follow. I tried to get the materials following the instructions but never got the email with the link or attachments.

    • Hi Joe, yes I am supporting the site and have just sent you an email with the instructions how to get free materials. Best, Tomasz

  4. I’ve been a member of your site for awhile and did receive the PDFs and backing tracks for the 1st and modules but not for modules 2, 3 or 4. I entered my info again into the side bar (as instructed) but never heard anything in re to it. Also, will you be posting videos on the R3 and R7 chromatic examples?
    Thanks so much.

    • Hi, thanks for your email. Download links include backing tracks and PDFs for all 4 modules. I have just double checked that. Please check your download folder. Just in case I sent you direct links on your email. Best, TZ

  5. Hello Tomasz! Thank you for the walkingbasslessons. I’ve been struggling with this for many years (more than I care to mention). I agree, It really does boil down to getting serious and not being afraid to be patient, it pays! I have tried to sign in several times and still having trouble getting the backing tracks. Please send steps or instruction on getting the information. Thanks! You are a fantastic teacher.

  6. Hello Tomasz,

    This voice leading lesson is great. I am working on Soloing and these concepts are applicable when Soloing over chord changes and finding notes other than the root to transition to!

  7. Tomasz, Thanks for offering us individual lessons! I have been playing diligently, and actually getting better! This is the very best explanation and visual presentation of voice leading that I have seen. Prior to this , it was a total nebulous mystery. Best regards, Jim

  8. I downloaded the free material for chromatic lessons, chord tones , but i can’t download the voice leading material. because i get an error saying i already subscribed. Please send me the material for voice leading

    • Hi,
      When you download lesson materials you only do it once for all modules. That means you should have not only have materials for chromatics but for all other modules too, that includes voice leading.
      Cheers, Tomasz

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